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Introduction to Medicaid / Medicair planning from Michael C Murphy Elder Law

Nursing home and medical care costs resulting from a catastrophic illness, accident or a degenerative disease such as Alzheimer's can impose serious financial burdens on a family. Nursing home care alone conservatively cost $6,000 a month. This comes at a time when it can be least afforded, usually after retirement, when individuals are on a fixed income. In addition, it comes at a very difficult time — both physically and emotionally.

In most cases neither Medicare nor existing health insurance pays for long term nursing home care. Long term care insurance is expensive and because of health issues may be unavailable Accordingly, many families find themselves seriously depleting their hard-earned assets in order to pay for care for their loved ones.


Proper Medicaid planning can reduce or even eliminate the drain on a family's resources for long-term care.

Common Questions about Medicaid/Medicair Planning, Nursing Home Planning and Long Term Care

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